Safety and MSDS

The Safety of our Customers and Clients is our top priority. Our service team is required to attend safe practice update meetings and training on a regular basis. We want our team to be aware of what is going on around them at all times in regard to the residence or inhabitants of your home or business. Our safety meetings will include topics related to as an example but not limited to: moving tools and equipment in and out of the project, keeping tools and materials out of the way of children, pets and others passing by, parking our vehicles safely, driving skills, ladder and tool inspections, electric cords and sharp objects as well as personal protection equipment for the workmen. We instruct our team to ask the question “Are there any safety concerns that you the customer may have with our presents and approach to us serving you?”

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
MSDS is a manufactures statement of what chemicals a product is made of as well as its possible effects on people. It also lists the handling procedures, precautions and recommended treatment if needed.

In the process of installing plumbing and heating systems we regularly use joint compounds, adhesives, solvents, glue and other materials that are composed of oils and chemicals. Though most of what we use poses no health or safety concerns to humans or pets, occasionally something that we use may have an effect on a person. If you are concerned about any of the compounds or products that we use our service team has a copy of the MSDS available for you to review.