Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction, quality craftsmenship, and great value at a reasonable price is our policy.

EASY Plumbing and Heating wants to EARN your trust and become your go-to team when it comes to your plumbing and heating needs. We understand that these type of repairs can often be expensive, so whether it is your home, apartment, manufacturing facility, office or any other type of building requiring service, we want to ensure you we are committed to offering the highest quality service within your budget.

Our GUARANTEE is that we will stand behind anything that we have installed parts and labor for 90 days from time of new system operation. This warranty period is negotiable to comply with a client’s needs.

Your time is valuable so we will address any deficiencies with new equipment still under warranty and installed by the EASY team or one of our representatives.

We GUARANTEE that our team members will be courteous, clean, and respectful of your property, tenants, employees, etc. We will take full responsibility for any mess or damage that has been caused by our team during a job.